August 9, 2018

MN School Radon Testing – MN Daycare Radon Testing

MN School Radon Testing

MN school radon testing needed when closed buildings are located over uranium

MN School Radon Testing Plan

The Minnesota Department of Health states that all schools that receive health and safety revenues specifically for radon testing, must follow the MN Department of Health Radon Test Plan. The school district may choose to conduct either long term or short term radon testing. All frequently occupied rooms should be tested. Rooms above crawl-spaces or tunnels should also be tested for radon. Minnesota School radon test results need to be reported to the MN Department of Health (MDH) using a specific ‘ School Radon Reporting Form  ‘. The results of the radon test should also be reported at a school board meeting.

Prior to the radon testing process, administrative support should be obtained. All teachers should be informed of the test placement, duration, and radon testing methods. The decision should be made to follow a short term test (2-4 days) if the results are needed quickly. A short term test may also be considered if:

  • There is a possibility the test kits may disappear easily if deployed for a longer period of time.
  • If windows and doors can remained closed except for normal entry and exit during the testing period.
  • If the indoor ventilation rate is similar through-out winter.

We recommend that Minnesota child daycare center radon testing also follow the testing directives put in place by MDH for school age children.


Frequently Asked Questions

What School and Daycare Class Rooms to Test for Radon?

All frequently occupied rooms with ground contact should be initially tested for radon. Radon should be tested in rooms above unoccupied spaces if they are frequently used.

When to Conduct Radon Testing?

Minnesota classrooms should be tested for radon gas on school days between November 1st, and March 31st. For longer term radon testing, only half of the testing period need to be conducted during the normal school year.

Who May Conduct Radon Testing?

Radon testing is not currently required in Minnesota Schools. Trained personnel, or a certified radon testing provider should conduct the radon test. Certified radon collection devices must be used.



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