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Get an inspection estimate. Or, reach out through phone or email for any general inspection questions.

Need an inspection estimate?

With the property address, we can do the preliminary research necessary to find the property size, type, and age. From there, we can give you accurate estimates. We respond quickly and will send you any follow-up questions.

Additionally, be sure to mention any existing damage or areas of concern. For example, we’d like to know if you’re worried about a historic building’s foundation.

ASTM E2018 Baseline Property Condition Process

We follow the international inspection standard, while extending our reports and research further than the typical property condition report.

To learn more about our assessment procedure, click here.

Multi-building Audit Estimates

Do you have several prospective properties? If so, be sure to include your interest in our multi-building audits!

First, we can assess multiple property’s history, condition, and projected improvements. Then, we compare the projected price of each building to help you with your decision. Finally, we deliver a comparative projected costs document to visual data easier. 

Multi-building inspection estimates tend to be higher due to the increase in time and travel.

Commercial building estimates

We inspect any existing commercial building type, by the way. We have experience with them all. For example, we’ve inspected historic buildings, strip malls, apartments and condominiums, and assisted living facilities. However, if you want to add the building type in your message, we wouldn’t mind.






    We've inspected large and small assisted living facilities