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sample inspection report

We are proud of our thorough inspection reports. For example, when we write our reports, we’re sure to include inspection notes, estimated past and future costs, and narratives to help explain details further. MBI loves writing inspection reports! If you’re wondering what a report looks like, then browse through a sample inspection report below.

Our commercial property inspection reports are made to educate you as a prospective buyer, investor, or leaser. Reports are always catered to your needs. If you have concerns about a specific area, let us know and we’ll give considerably more time inspecting your concerns.

Inspection Reports Include…

We’ve compiled some brief information about our inspection reports. Click through the tabs below to quickly learn about what information we include. Or, if you’re interested in reading more in-depth features of our reports, read our page on inspection report writings.

Our inspection reports start with executive summaries. These include concise overviews of all components inspected, as well as any major recommendations for property maintenance in the future.

In addition to our inspection reports, we include estimated costs of replacements and maintenance. If you have aged condenser units, then we can give you estimated costs for replacement units. We give you the ideal time frame of replacements in order to prevent any prolonged damage to the property. These costs make it easy for you, as a property owner, to forecast the costs of your property.

Briefly, our inspection details include reports on the condition of the property’s HVAC, envelope, site, plumbing, and more. We always include photos of inspection reports. Additionally, we provide component lists for you to easily account for the inventory of your property.

Sample Inspection Report Preview

Browse through one of our sample reports below. If you’d like to download a PDF of the sample, click here. Otherwise, use the live preview available directly on the site.


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