Building inspection services

We conduct our work with a sense of duty and the utmost integrity in all that we do, dedicating ourselves fully to the job at hand. Our inspection services follow the ASTM E2018-15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process.

Inspection Service Process

Property Condition Assessment Icon


The first step is to visit your property site and perform a Property Condition Assessment (PCA). Here, we check all major components.

Property Condition Reports


After we conduct our assessment in-person, we start writing your Property Condition Report (PCR). This includes background research, cost-estimations, and more!

The Final Report


We send you our final PCR and you get all the information you could need about your property. With our clear communication, we can help you decide what’s vital for your property.

Property Condition Assessments


In-depth and wide-ranging investigation.

Our commercial assessments reveal critical information about the age and condition of readily accessible structures and mechanical systems—including the value of most high-cost components.

Our professional level reporting features narrative analysis of each inspected area, along with extensive background research and available documentation.

We will also report on improvements that have been completed by previous owners. A Table of Opinions of Costs for Immediate Needs and Short Terms Costs of 1-5 years will be provided.

Commercial Building Inspection Services

Baseline Property Condition Reports

With our standard assessments, we include…

  • Executive Summary
  • Site
  • Building Envelope (roofing, structure, foundation)
  • Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • Life-Safety
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Certifications/Qualifications
  • Table of Opinions of Costs

Background Research

Our background research includes documentation about permitting history, fire-safety records, capital improvement values, county GIS maps, and other satellite data. If permitting history is not available online, we will take the time to visit the City Hall Building Departments personally.



Cost estimates are obtained from a database of city permit cost evaluations, ongoing contractor bids, and other available resources. A Replacement Reserve Table and Tier I/II Accessibility Survey can be added to the inspection report upon client request.

Additional Inspection Services

Cost Replacement Studies

To help you forecast future budgetary needs, we can provide a Replacement Reserve Table along with a commercial building inspection. This is especially beneficial to HOAs, condo associations, and office parks for which dues are collected and disbursed over extended periods of time. This inspection includes an analysis of major mechanical equipment on the property, roofing systems, building components, and other capital equipment.

Triple-Net Lease Inspections

For situations where a triple-net lease contract is signed for a real estate transaction, we comprehensively inspect the property so that the lessee can gain a full understanding of the property’s condition. We inspect most visible and readily accessible components, including structural components and major mechanical systems.

Minnesota Building Inspections is also available for custom client requests and certain litigation expert research. Contact us for more information.


Minnesota Building Inspections provides Property Condition Assessments that are superior in every way to what has become standard in the commercial property inspection industry, going above and beyond to help our clients protect their interests now and for many years into the future. Contact us today to request an appointment