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At MBI Inspections, we follow professional standards. That way, we provide the best commercial inspection services. Regardless of property type, we can perform the best inspection for you.

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Commercial Inspection Service Process

To start our services, you’ll need to ask for an estimate.

Once we get your estimate, we’ll return contact with an email or phone call, depending on your preference. Immediately, we start research on your property. Our estimates depend on the property’s size, type, and the inspection services needed.

Helpful Information

If you’re interested in our inspection services, it can help to know a few things first.


We love when customers attend inspections. Even more, we encourage you to walkthrough with us while we inspect your property so that we can answer any questions you have on-site.

Estimated Time

Our inspections typically take 2-4 hours, but this depends greatly on your property size. That being said, we like to be thorough and make sure to dedicate the appropriate time to check components.

Walkthrough Agenda

We walk through all rooms and service areas. Typically, we inspect the building’s interior first. Then, we view utility and mechanical rooms. Usually, we finish our inspections with the roof and exterior.

Additionally, if you have any known issues or concerns, please let us know so that we can make particular note.

Learn More About Our Inspection Services

Click on one of the three buttons below to learn more about each stage of the inspection process. First, we start with the assessment. Then, we compile the report. Lastly, we communicate our findings and results and ensure you have all the information possible.


Property Condition Assessment Icon


First, we visit your property site and perform a Property Condition Assessment (PCA). Here, we check all major components. 

Property Condition Reports


Next, we start building your Property Condition Report (PCR). This includes background research, cost-estimations, and more.

The Final Report


Finally, we finish our PCR and send it to you in timely fashion. We include all vital information about your property and investment and continue to communicate even after the process.


MBI Inspections provide superior Property Condition Assessments. Not only do we go above and beyond to help our clients today, but we're here to help for the future. To start, contact us today and request an appointment