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Your property condition Inspection results

After the on-site inspection and once we’ve finished compiling your report, we make sure your commercial property inspection is effective for you.

The Final Report

Effective Results

During your commercial property condition inspection, we collect vital pieces of information about your building system components. Also, we document any perceived issues, concerns, or damage with photos and descriptions.

We write all this information into your property condition report. This includes building system ages, conditions, and model information. Additionally, we explain our concerns for you. We detail what could happen if it goes ignored, and what it means for you to address the problem.

Once we finish detailing your report, we send it off to you!

Why MBI?

We go the extra distance to make our results clear for you.

Projected Costs

We make understanding your property easy. Because we know you care about your investment, we offer a projected costs spreadsheet in addition to our property condition inspection. Then, you get right to business! Learn the immediate, intermediate, and long-term costs to maintain your property. Additionally, learn about the good conditions of your property!

Immediate Needs (Example Projected Costs Table)

Section 3: Site of Property
 Description  Unit Quantity Totals Comments
Sidewalks      $1,500.00 Demolish, regrade, and repour broken concrete at sidewalk and exit door.
Parking lot $0.80 6,000 SF $4,800.00

Patch, seal, and re-stripe the asphalt parking lot within 1-2 years.

Basement water leaks Maintain/ watch for worsened condition

Monitor downspouts extensions, and caulk exterior perimeter of the building where water entry is evident in the basement.

Section 4: Building Envelope
  $18.00/SF 2,000 SF $36,000.00 Re-roof the 2nd story apartment roof. Remove excess penetrations, such as the vents and failing chimney. Lastly, remove and rebuild the rooftop porch structure.

Detailed Components

In our property condition inspection, we catalogue the accessible building components. This includes major equipment such as water heaters, generators, chillers and condensers. By collecting information on your systems, you can understand the way your building works. Find out the brand, age, and details of your building components through our property condition inspection.


Informed Investments

With everything we give you, you can make detailed and informed investments. Should you buy that property, or does it have too much to improve?