May 30, 2013

MBI -Minnesota Building Inspections


Rice street mn commercial brick inspectionMinnesota Building Inspections (MBI) is a professional commercial inspection company for Real Estate transactions. We  perform Property Condition Assessments (PCA) through-out Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan. We provide negotiating power! We provide a general overview of current and future costs of repairs and replacement needs. View a list of our recent projects...

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  • Custom Request Property Inspections - let us know what you need, and we will put an individualized package together.
  • MN & WI Commercial Building Inspection conforms to both InterNachi Commercial SOP, and ASTM E2018-15 Guidelines. (General cost estimates provided)
  • MN and WI Property Condition Assessment (PCA) with Property Condition Report (PCR) per ASTM E2018-15 Guidelines.
  •  We recommend waiting for the initial assessment, then deciding if a specialist will be needed to perform a more technically exhaustive inspection of certain components.
  • We recommend the client obtain three contractor bids to gain specialized cost estimates for major repairs discovered in the walk-through survey/ inspection.
  • Net Lease inspections: Current building condition report as it pertains to the lease responsibility relationship. (This assessment report is less extensive than the standard inspection and is based on client needs, general age and condition of building components)